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The Story of CD Delicacies

My name is Carole Diehr and this is the story of how CD Delicacies was created. For over 40 years baking has been my passion. I catered numerous events both professionally and just out of the love of cooking. My specialty early on was creating wedding cakes and for several decades was known as the "Cake Lady" among local businesses, family and friends. I truly love sharing my passion with others in the form of teaching or writing and have published several cooking articles and books. Trying different recipes and creating new ones is my hobby. Throughout the years my friends and family have been my taste testers and biggest supporters of making my creations available to everyone. In the summer of 2009 I received the same kind of encouragement but this time it was for my Pomegrande Garlic Jelly instead of my usual baked goods.

At the start of the summer in 2009 I broke my ankle and went to live with my daughter. Needless to say I had limited mobility and the long summer days were especially long. My creative element was placed on hold due to my ankle but my daughter encouraged me to still bake for both of our sanity. I went into her kitchen and picked up garlic and pomegrande juice and was inspired to make jelly. Pepper jelly, which has always been a family favorite, was made during the holidays so I had the idea of making a healthy jelly. After several batches the jelly was perfected and was offered to my typical taste testers. Unanimously they all insisted that this product be pursued. The thought seemed simple at first; however, there were many challenges going from a home kitchen pot to making 20-gallon batches. Finding the perfect type of pectin was the biggest challenge.

Relying on the success of my baking career I know that using fresh ingredients is the key so it was important to me that if this product hits the shelves it should be made with high quality and organic ingredients. Over the year I experimented with several ingredients and created the other jellies: White Balsamic Garlic and Pomegrande Chipotle Garlic. My friends and family encouraged the trio of jellies and felt it was time to get these jellies in specialty food shops. From there my son, Ric Owens, and my artist friend, Joan Dillworth, created the label. I was pleased to find a manufacture in Virginia Beach, VA. Several Virginia stores carry the jellies and in the spring of 2011 Virginia Finest gave me their endorsement.

Please enjoy these favorable jellies not only with crackers but also on other foods.